What we do

Entrepreneurs & Family Businesses

The Private Practice team attracts new global families to the firm who value broad conversations across sectors, territories and generations.

From our Private Practice team, we advise entrepreneurs and the owners of family businesses on all aspects of the ownership and structuring of their assets.

what we do

Our approaches

Spanish and international taxation

Optimising tax efficiency, in terms of structuring the initial set up and ownership; extraction of funds; sales and other disposals; and inheritance tax on succession. 

Protecting the assets

From creditors; in family, matrimonial or other disputes; and in relation to family members unless/until old enough to become involved.

Succession planning

Passing the business on to the next generation, to avoid fragmentation; ensure control is with the right people; and to ensure the economic benefits are enjoyed by and protected for the next generation in a tax efficient way.


We advise on restructuring existing businesses to achieve client goals, which include some/all of the above – if the current structure no longer achieves the client’s aims.

International aspects

many of our clients have an international background and we advise on structuring using overseas entities, such as trusts, foundations, partnerships, and corporate structures in many jurisdictions – liaising with partners in those jurisdictions to ensure the optimum result for the client. 

International relocation

Our family relocation team, comprised of professionals with strong backgrounds in global finance, real estate and luxury investment assets, brings a rich and unique perspective to client service delivery.